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Joel John, ASLA, OCNT, Ohio Pesticide Applicators License

Joel, co-owner and President, is a registered Landscape Architect with a degree in Landscape Architecture from The Ohio State University. He has over 35 years experience working with residential and commercial landscape design/build firms throughout Ohio and Michigan. Joel spent three years working in apprenticeship with NBBJ in the Landscape Architecture and Planning Studio and has serves annually on committees Ohio National Landscape Association and has been a judge for the National Awards competition for National Association for Landscape Professionals. He has a strong passion for proper bed preparation, plant use, environmental sound practices for work passions (recycling). Joel lives in Dublin with Molly and their two kids. In his spare time he enjoys working out, golfing, playing basketball and following the Buckeyes.

Molly John

Molly, co-owner and Vice President, received her degree in Landscape Architecture from The Ohio State University. She has over 25 years experience in the landscape design/build and maintenance environment. She has served the last few years on the Membership committee with ONLA and was recently appointed to their Board of Directors. In addition she has served as Co-Chairman of the CLA Outdoor Living and Landscaping Tour. Molly has also been a member of the Delta Delta Delta House Corporation for many years and served as their treasurer for most of those years. In her spare time she loves watching her kids participate in their numerous sporting events, working out and maintaining the 25 flower pots she has at her own home.

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Grady Cobb, OCNT, Ohio Pesticide Applicators License

Maintenance Foreman

Grady comes to M.J. Design with a degree in Landscape Architecture from The Ohio State University. Immediately after graduating from Ohio State, Grady worked on the grounds crew at Muirfield Village Golf Club in Dublin for two years which included working during the Presidents Cup in 2013. He joined the M.J. staff in 2014. During his free time Grady likes to run, go to church, and travel around the country with his dad to play on difficult golf courses and in golf tournaments.

Michael Coyle, OCNT, Ohio Pesticide Applicators License

Landscape Designer/Sales

Michael grew up locally in Powell. He was a former summer intern for M.J. Design in 2009 and 2011 while he attended Arizona State University! Michael earned his Bachelors of Science in Landscape Architecture there in 2012. When Michael is not working on designs, he still enjoys being outside—playing golf, hiking and biking. We're happy to have Michael's talent and dedication on our team.

Michael Davie, OCNT

Garden Manager

Michael comes to use with an Associate Degree in Landscape Design Management from Columbus State Community College. He operated a small landscape maintenance company for 3 years and worked as a project manager for HRH Landscapes, Ltd. for 5 years. When asked his favorite plant, he had a hard time deciding between Plumbago, (for its color), Heuchera (for color and texture), and Hollyhock (for its large colorful flower). Michael resides in West Jefferson with his wife, April, and two children, Jayden and Mya. 

Kelly Darrow

Office Manager

Kelly, our office manager, comes to M.J. with a degree in Health Administration from Auburn University. (Yes, we hired her even though she didn’t go to OSU.) Kelly has familiarized quickly to the Landscape Industry and lives in Dublin with her husband and 2 teenage children. During her free time, she enjoys going to the lake with her family and sitting in the sun with a nice glass of wine.

Patrick Leitch, Master OCNT, Ohio Pesticide Applicators License

Sr. Landscape Foreman

Patrick joins our team with a degree in Landscape Architecture from The Ohio State University. He has been with us since February 2014 and serves as our Safety, Training, and Operations Manager. Patrick was an army soldier for 9 years and served one tour in Iraq in 2004. He lives in Dublin with his wife and three young children. In his free time he enjoys being with his family and seeing friends when not busy working on the numerous projects at their new home.

Amanda Murphy, Ohio Pesticide Applicators License

Garden Foreman

Amanda will be working on designing and coordinating seasonal color, container plantings, and holiday decor for both residential and commercial clients. She has a degree in Business Administration from Western State College in Colorado, where she managed the landscape division of a construction company and has had a focus in garden design ever since. This past year she returned to her roots in Upper Arlington to be with her family. When Amanda is not working, you will find her spending time in her garden at home, hanging out with family, or outside skiing, biking or running. We are pleased to have Amanda join the M.J. Design family.

Steff Stoll

Landscape Foreman

Steff has a degree in Visual Communications from ITT and is a licensed Cosmetologist. After trying these careers, she realized that she loved being outside too much and then spent 8 years in the landscaping industry and an additional 10 years clearing trees for builders (aka: Lumber Jill). When Steff is not working at M.J. you will find her either volunteering with rescue shelters or detailing cars. Steff has retired from her car racing hobby, but still enjoys watching car races. Steff lives in Hilliard with her 3 dogs and cat. We are pleased to have Steff join the M.J. Design family!

Sue York

Office Assistant

Sue, our part-time office assistant, comes to M.J. with a degree from Bowling Green State University in Management Information Systems. Sue helped implement our new time tracking and client database.  Sue lives in Plain City with her husband and has a daughter who is attending Lincoln Memorial University in Tennessee. During her free time, she enjoys doing crafts and being outside (when it’s warm).

TUCKER (certified office dog)

Our beloved four-legged helper and office support...Woof!

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We have employed legal Hispanic workers since 2003. We utilize the Federal Governments H2B Temporary Seasonal Worker Program. The men are recruited in Mexico and then come here with valid passports and Visas that specifically state that they are here to work for M.J. Design. They are allowed to work here for 10 months and then must return to Mexico for at least 60 days. In the last few years we have sponsored some of our men for Permanent Resident cards and they successfully obtained them in 2018. Our men usually arrive March 1 and return home around Thanksgiving. Most of them reside near Zacatecas, Mexico. They come here to provide their families back home with a better life. What they make here in a day would take them a month to earn in Mexico. They are truly a great group of men and we are very fortunate to have found them.

Geronimo Lopez Beltran

Geronimo has been with us since 2004, and in 2018 he obtained his Permanent Residence. He serves as our Head Landscape Foreman. He has learned a lot in his time with us and has picked up on Joel’s attention to detail.  He is very conscientious, a hard worker and will do anything asked of him.  Geronimo is from Zacatecas, Mexico where he lives with his wife and 4 children. He enjoys playing soccer on the weekends with other team members and loves Chipotle.

Jose Luis Lopez Beltran

Jose Luis has been working with us since 2004 and obtained his Permanent Residence in 2018. Jose Luis is the brother of Geronimo and the uncle to Jose de Jesus. Jose Luis is known as “Mr. Mower” he enjoys mowing and seeing the crisp clean lines on bed edges. Jose Luis is from Zacatecas, Mexico where he lives with his wife, Magdalean, and 2 children.

Lorenso Beltran Garcia

Lorenso is one of our Maintenance Foremen and has been working with us since 2006. He is a “Happy-go-Lucky” guy, who always has a smile on his face. He is from Fresnillo, Zacatecas, Mexico, where he lives with his wife and three young children. He is happy to have family with him here in Ohio and loves Donatos Pizza and Cane’s.

Antonio Lopez Beltran

Antonio was recruited by his cousin Geronimo and started working for M.J. Design in 2007. He is considered “Mr. Muscles”, as he is very strong. He is also our stone guy.  He does a great job on dry-laid flagstone paths and walls. He serves as a Landscape Foreman. Antonio is from Sain Alto, Zacatecas Mexico, where he lives with his wife and four children. When home in Mexico he will work in construction, as well as, farming beans and corn. He enjoys watching baseball and going to Chipotle.

Ismael Arriaga Ordaz

Ismael comes to M.J. Design from Monterrey, Mexico. He has worked for us since 2007. He is one of our Maintenance Foreman. Ismael has turned into a great pruner and has learned the art of selective hand pruning. He is very quiet and you will often find him listening to music via his headphones. He is the youngest in his family with 3 older sisters. Ismael is married, and he and Maria just recently had their second child. He likes to watch basketball, but soccer is his favorite sport and he plays with other staff members on a team during the summer in Columbus. He enjoys the parks and outdoors in Ohio.

Juan Cuevas Arellano

Juan joined M.J. Design in 2011 on the H2B program and received his Permanent Residency in 2018.  Juan has a younger brother, Hiliaro, who works for M.J. Design on the H2B program. Juan is very shy.  He works with the maintenance crew.  In the spring he enjoys working with Molly on creating the beautiful annual containers, long with planting summer annuals. Juan is married and has three children. When he goes back to Mexico, he works with his uncle who is a veterinarian. His like American food, but really enjoys finding authentic Mexican restaurants. 

Jose de Jesus Lopez Mendez

Jose de Jesus is the nephew of Geronimo and Jose Luis. and Daniel. He has been a part of the team since 2012 and became a Permanent Resident in 2018. He comes from Sain Alto, Zacatecas. Jose de Jesus is flexible and floats between the maintenance and landscape crews. He enjoys fishing and playing soccer. You may find him in the gym working out and lifting weights. His favorite food here in the states is pizza.

Victor Guzman Martinez

Victor has been part of the team since 2012. Victor also helps with translations for staff and he is getting more confident in speaking English with clients. Victor is here on a Permanent Resident status. He leaves his wife of 9 years, Jennifer, and daughter, Scarlett, back in Vicente Guerrero, Durango to come be a part of the team.  In his free time you will find him listening to rock-n-roll, playing video games or kicking the soccer ball. 

Ernesto Garcia Guzman

Ernesto is a permanent Resident and joined our team in 2014. He is a Maintenance Foreman. He is working hard on learning English in order to increase his communication skills with clients. He is from Vicente Guerrero, Durango. In his free time, you will find him out running on the soccer field or reading the most recent novel.  

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