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Landscape Maintenance Etiquette

By Michael Davie, Garden Manager

If there is one thing that I have learned as a landscape professional and as a homeowner, it is that my home and yard are my refuge from the world. With that in mind, I know keeping my space well maintained is great for curb appeal, property value, and I am sure it’s also something my neighbors appreciate. However, there is nothing like sitting on the front porch or taking Koji, our family dog, for a walk and seeing/experiencing terrible maintenance practices.

With that in mind, here are a few points of landscape etiquette that will not only make your home more inviting but will also keep you in the good graces of your neighbors.

1. When mowing the lawn, perform 2 or 3 passes around the perimeter of the the lawn with the grass shoot facing inward (or use a bagger). This keeps the grass from blowing onto the sidewalk and/or roadway. Blowing and leaving grass clippings on the roadway creates a serious safety hazard for cyclists and for those who ride motorcycles.

2. If there are trees or shrubs in the landscape located near sidewalks or roadways, make sure to prune these back. This allows your neighbors access to walk, jog or ride bikes without obstacles in their way. This also helps prevent blindspots for motorists and creates site views for personal safety.

There are also instances where a tree or shrub has been planted in the wrong location. At this point, you may need to decide if it is time to remove/replace the tree or shrub with the appropriate plant selection.

3. When mowing the lawn, do not leave a heavy layer of cut grass on top of the turf. Though a thin layer of thatch is good for turf health, too much welcomes disease and can rot portions of the lawn underneath. It also is unsightly.

4. Finally, and probably the easiest of tasks to complete, pick up any trash you have in the yard and along the curbs and gutters. If you are walking, do the neighborly thing and pick up any trash or debris along the way. This keeps your neighborhood looking nice, and I am certain those in the community will appreciate the gesture.


If you have any questions/concerns, or need help with you landscape, please feel free to contact us.


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