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Rake Them Right!

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Did you know there is a right way to rake leaves? Ok, not really how you rake them, but where you put them after they are raked. Most cities in Central Ohio will come and suck up piled leaves by the road. While this service makes leaf raking almost hassle-free, be sure to do your part. Don’t rake them into the street curbs or ditches along the roadway. Storm drains carry rainwater and snowmelt as well as trash, grass clippings, fertilizer, leaves, oil and other waste into our streams and rivers. We swim in these waterways, and a vast majority of people rely on them for drinking water. If there are too many leaves, they will back up and cause flooding. “Only Rain Down Drains” is important for us to help keep pollutants out. But it’s also the law.

If you choose to bag them, take them to a location where they will reuse them to mulch for the coming season (aka Kurtz, Ohio Mulch, etc). In our opinion, the best way to clean up leaves off your lawn is to chop them up with the mower and blow the leaves into your beds. This helps give great nutrients back to the plants in your landscape beds. It can also be stirred in the spring to bring back the dark color to your mulch, thus having to use less fertilizer. Remember, it IS just fine to Leave some Leaves.

Give us a call if you have questions.


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