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Safety Comes First

Updated: May 24, 2023

The late spring is the busiest for our industry. But wait, slow down. We like to remind ourselves that safety comes first! Everyone is in a hurry these days… You see it in the traffic on the road, and in the lines at the stores. So we often tell our staff that it is OK to slow down, and to be present in what they are doing and aware of what is around them.

Safety is so important to M.J. Design, that we have weekly safety meetings covering anything from how to operate a piece of equipment to the effects of heat stress and precautions of working outdoors each day. We even have local agencies come present to our crews about safe practices.

This year, we had the Ohio Department of Agriculture to our facilities to discuss safe pesticide practices.

The M.J. crews are certainly treated like family, and keeping family safe is a priority for us!


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