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Let M.J. Add Value to Your Property...

“Please let your guys know how much we appreciate their expertise. They are hard workers and very courteous and professional. It is a pleasure having them at our house. Thanks to M.J. Design for your many years of great work!”

 Connie S. (Upper Arlington)

“Your guys are amazing! I am very impressed with what your team has done and how it all looks. Thanks so much!”

 Cliff R. (Hilliard)

“I want to send my thanks to the amazing M.J. team that trims, manicures and places ‘treats’ for me!!

I’m loving the Mint!!”

 Robin F. (Dublin)

"My yard looks absolutely incredible!"

 Molly K. (Upper Arlington)

"I had to let you know Victor and team did an AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL job on our landscaping today...I'm thinking the best yet!"

 Renee G. (Powell)

"I really appreciate your follow up, and your team did an amazing job. Our property looks so much better and we are very pleased with the work. All of this makes sense and we look forward to continuing to work with you this summer.” 

 – Don N.  (Plain City)

"By the way, even though it's winter, I was admiring our landscape and especially the grass (it's so great having grass and not mud in the backyard this winter). So I just wanted to say thanks again for fitting us in before the end of the year. It has been great working with you, and I can't wait to see how everything looks come spring!"

 – Derek H.  (Dublin)

"We have been continually impressed with the work of your crews. They're knowledgeable, professional and pleasant to work with. We love the new rocks, and who knew rocks could be so exciting!"

 – Beth R. (Upper Arlington)

"Oh my gosh Joel, Michael, Kelly and others! The crew arrived yesterday and returned this morning to finish. We can’t believe the transformation! In addition to the cleanup, they even raked the stone in all of our pathways and then artfully arranged some of the other larger ones to flow beautifully through our gardens. Please give a much-deserved shout out to the crew who were here this year. We appreciate their time and we especially appreciate the respectful and careful attention they paid to every detail. Thank you for the personal service you provide both in person and on the phone. Thank you too, for your expertise that helps us grow and maintain our paradise. Please pass our thanks to the M.J. crew! As always, we appreciate their skill and hard work. The beauty they help us create and maintain in our landscape makes us want to come home and stay! It’s perfect and exactly what we want."

 – Kim & Amy  (Powell)

"Thank you! We're so glad your folks are our official gardeners!"

 – Larry H.  (Columbus)

"I just want to offer continued thanks to M.J. and all of your folks. I know this summer has been tough, between the weather, short-staffing, and visa issues. But it is all getting done, and you guys are amazing at how you manage things. Our neighbors marvel at our property!"

 – Cheryl C.  (Dublin)

"Thank you for the beautiful job done on our yard! We are extremely happy and proud the way it looks. Your team was super hard-working and very friendly.” 

 – Renee & Rich G.  (Powell)

"A major shout out to the two fellas at our house this morning. Their time and attention to detail was as if they were working on their own gardens and flower beds! And the gentleman that did my edging… Love it! Straight and very neat. Both worked very hard and took pride in their work.” 

 – Tammy H.  (Columbus)

“Your crew is awesome and very professional—a pleasure to have on our property. Thank you for all the hard work.”

 – Jo & Scott  (Pataskala)

“Thanks for checking in and being so responsive. As usual, the team did an amazing job and cleaned up beautifully.
Your staff makes my home look beautiful and my heart sing.”

 – Joyce W.  (Bexley)  

“M.J.’s design plans were clear and took our opinions and desires into account. They were able to explain the process and communicated with other vendors while giving expert opinions on design, landscape, and irrigation needs.”

 – Cathy & Joel K.  (Dublin)  

“Thank you for your periodic updates—they are comprehensive, informative, supportive, and reassuring. And thanks for inspiring such confidence through your expertise and communication!”  
– Cheryl C.  (Dublin)  

"Thank you for pushing through these difficult situations, it is appreciated! You and your crew are doing an amazing job.”  – Craig Z.  (Westerville)  

"From designer to crew, M.J. is outstanding. They promised good work and delivered."

 – Larry T.  (Columbus)  

“In times like these, having a company like yours is awesome—versus having a new company that may not have your expertise and do all you do so well... Thanks from our yard!”
 – Maggie S.  (Dublin)  

"Everything was done well. I was very impressed with the entire process from start to finish. The crew was very friendly and accommodating. They answered any question I had."

 – Chris R.  (Columbus)  


"Our yard and flower beds look GORGEOUS. So perfectly cleaned up and beautiful!"
 – Marcia T.  (Dublin)  


"Thanks for doing our spring clean-up and pruning on a Saturday morning. The courtyard looks beautiful and the Oak Leaf Hydrangea blossoms are now gorgeous!"
 – Bea  (Hilliard)  


"Everything looks amazing, I couldn’t be happier, so thank you."

 – Cameron A.  (Upper Arlington)  

"Joel, Patrick & the crew worked extremely hard during the hot weather to help make our party happen and we appreciate it! Our property looked great! "
 – Craig Z.  (Westerville)  

"My yard looks wonderful! Your crew did a great job. It's so nice to be able to see the house."
 – Dee K.  (Dublin)  
"I’m so pleased with the quality of the mulch of you used and that it’s not dyed. 

I enjoyed my porch this morning and the healing energy of the plants. The walkway gives it a magical quality. It’s my favorite garden we’ve ever had!!"

 – Carolyn B.  (Plain City)  


"I have to tell you, I am so happy with the work. Our home looks spectacular!"

– Dave A.  (Dublin)  

We are very happy with M.J.’s work. The project turned out even better than expected! We really enjoyed working with Michael. In fact, our experience with M.J. is one of the best—if not THE best—experiences we have had with a service provider since we owned our first home twenty years ago. Thank you!
– Bryan F.  (Dublin)  
I love my planters you filled yesterday.  The red balls in the greenery are beautiful.  The light shines on both pots and they sparkle so lovely at night!
– Marcia T.  (Dublin)  

Your crew has always done a great job—and this year they seem to be outdoing themselves! The beds are always neat and tidy, the lawn is always well groomed, and they are exceptional at getting the weeds under control."

– Steve  (Dublin) 

Very conscientious, courteous, and above all, excellent work! I almost hated to see them leave, the guys had almost become family. When we thought we were being a pain with some of the changes to our patio and landscaping, they just adapted their plan and moved forward. You all are a pleasure to work with."

– Barb P.  (Galena) 

Hi Joel, I just wanted you to know that I could not be happier with the job your guys did yesterday and today. I really, really appreciate their hard work and attention to detail. The yard looks absolutely terrific!"

– Beth C.  (Dublin) 

I wanted to compliment your team! I was watching them clean up and blow after doing the neighbor’s home. Their attention to detail was evident. Even the little mud clumps in the street were meticulously cleaned off and swept. So good to see!"

– Tim M.  (Powell) 

Thank You! …Always impressive and professional work. Your staff is top shelf and thanks for getting the mowing done, too. Again, you are top-shelf, great service. My wifey was extremely happy with the way the yard looks!"

 – John W.  (Plain City)

First, we wanted to let you know how pleased we are with our 'New Look.' You and your team did an amazing job repurposing some of the existing plant material and adding the appropriate new shrubs. The flagstone path repair looks so nice (and is much safer), and we like the look and practicality of the fine gravel between the stones. Of course the mulching was a godsend to help unify all of the landscaped areas. We are especially pleased with the mulched edging at the top of the stone wall garden surround. You and your crew have given our existing garden a 'new lease on life' that we will continue to tweak as we watch it transition with the seasons.   

– Nancy  (Dublin) 

Wow Joel and Molly! What a great job your crew did at our house yesterday. The edging looks great, mulch laid down perfectly, bushes/plants trimmed neatly, and everything was cleaned up beyond expectations. You couldn’t even tell the grass had been disturbed… Kudos to your crew. I only wished I had been home to thank them personally.   

– Doug G.  (Powell) 

Very nice job cleaning up the courtyard, mulching and pruning. The new Knock-out rose looks lovely and I like the bright color. I think the new clematis will thrive now that the plants are being treated. I never imagined my courtyard could be so lovely. Thank you!

– Bea G.  (Hilliard) 

We’ll certainly recommend you to the buyers. You have done excellent work.

– Ted K.  (Columbus)


“We absolutely love our landscaping. Thank you for sending the watering requirements.”

– Kyle H.  (Plain City)  


“Just wanted to thank the team for such a great job on the lawn! The crew at M.J. is the best!!” 

– Karen M.  (Upper Arlington)

"Joel, your guys did a wonderful job as usual. We thanked them, however, please let them know how much we appreciated their expertise. They are hard workers and very courteous and professional. It is a pleasure having them at our house. Thanks to M.J. Design for your many years of great work at our house."

– Connie S. (Upper Arlington)

"Wanted to just say how impressed I was to get this email checking in yesterday morning! Although I did not respond, I was impressed again that a team member stopped by "because they were in the neighborhood" just to check on things and picked up a few limbs. My husband and I were completely blown away with your initiative and customer service."

– Nevada S. (New Albany)

"The yard and beds are wonderful!"

– Heather K. (Dublin)

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