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We Believe Our Staff is Our Most Important Asset.

M.J. Design's team brings our clients conscientious, educated, and knowledgeable personnel who are dependable and devoted to complete customer satisfaction. 
At M.J. Design, we treat our employees the same way we would want to be treated. We take the time to incorporate FUN into our work, while still focusing on our client’s needs. We feel employees respond to recognition and opportunity for growth. We encourage and reward those who elect to take the Ohio Certified Landscape Technician (OCNT) exam and Ohio Pesticide Applicators License. We feel that yearly continuing education seminars are important to always staying on top of the latest in new plant material and maintenance practices.
Positions at M.J. Design require that you be able to multi task and wear many different hats, that is… you must be willing to perform a variety of roles within the company. We are small, hardworking bunch that work together for the common good to get the job done correctly. We work as a team, rarely are there assignments that involve someone working alone. We show up on time and ready out of respect for our co-workers who are waiting on us. We expect our employees to look and act the role of M.J. Design landscape professional for as long as the uniform is being worn.
At M.J. Design, you will look, and be treated like a landscape professional. You will have the opportunity to pursue industry accreditations that are company paid. Continuing education is supported, encouraged, and expected as it only improves the professional image you project to our customers. Our industry requires learning basic conversational Spanish, as it is necessary to communicate with our crews. Resources are available, and the only requirement is the heart and will to try. 

We look forward to meeting you—tell us about your talents and how you can enhance the team here at M.J. Design Associates.
Why work at M.J. Design Associates

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