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Fall Can be Perfect for Planting Trees

Most young trees sold are what landscapers refer to as "bare root" trees. Although they can be planted in spring, "bare root" trees are best planted during Ohio's cool fall weather.

This same timing is true for "whips," which are young saplings with a thin trunk, no branches and bare roots. They survive better when not exposed to hot summer weather soon after transplanting. Intense heat is a major enemy to newly planted saplings, but the lack of water for their root systems is another. And although you may not think of winter as a dry time—especially with snow—remember, the moisture from the snow can't get to the roots until the snow melts and the ground thaws. Thus in cold climates, winter brings desert conditions of a sort. That is why watering trees properly in fall is important...regardless of whether you have opted for planting in autumn or in late winter (or early spring.

Fruit trees, such as apples, should be planted in March or April in Ohio, especially if they are bare root or whips. Container-grown fruit trees, although best planted in spring, can be planted anytime up to mid-October.

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