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Green Card Updates

M.J. Design has been working hard with the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) to obtain work authorization and permanent resident status (green cards) for the men who have been working for us the last 9-14 years.

Currently, all our workers from Mexico have been working for us through a seasonal program called H2B. With the upturn in the economy and a lack of domestic workers who want to work in this field, the number of employers turning to the H2B visa program to help fill their seasonal labor positions is increased dramatically.

Since the current Administration and our elected officials don’t seem to see the need to increase the number of H2B visas available, we are constantly worried each year if we will secure the visas we need.

As of December 1, two of our guys (Lorsenso and Max) have received their preliminary documents. The other 13 guys are anxiously waiting on documentation, so they can travel back to Mexico for the Christmas holiday.

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