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Ready to plant? Slow down. Not yet!

You may see the daffodils, tulips, and hyacinths popping out and showing some vibrant colors in your flower bed, but remember, these are hardy perennial bulbs.

Why we wait to plant:

Even with the warm weather it is a little too early to plant your annuals in late April or even early May. Especially those which are more tender, such as begonias, sun patients, caladium, vinca, lantana to name a few.

While the weather is certainly unpredictable these days, in general, the frost-free date for central Ohio is May 15th. After this date is usually safest to plant those tender annuals. The air temperature may be warming, but it takes even longer for the soil to warm up. Sometimes we shock the plants when we put those roots into the cold ground. We too are anxious to see those annual summer flowers, so after Mother’s Day is our rule.

And even though many of us have little patience, if you can control your urge to plant, waiting until after Memorial Day is even better!

Give us a call if you'd like some help!

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