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Enjoy the Fall Color (& Clean Up!)

Did you know Fall officially started September 23?

The autumn season came in with a heat wave, where we had those 90 degree days and many schools were cancelled due to the extreme heat. Now we are enjoying the cooler, colorful fall days—where you can go cheer on The Ohio State Buckeyes in a sweatshirt.

This is perfect time to go outside and enjoy the wonderful colors we have. Slow down, take time to take in the sights... Then, don't forget the importance of annual fall clean ups to your property. Cleaning up your yard in the fall is crucial to reducing pests in your yard next spring. Remember, bugs like moisture, and when leaves fall from the trees, their piles create a layers of moisture that can lead to issues come spring.

In general, when you pickup excess materials in your outdoor surroundings, you create an area less interesting to a number of invading pests and fungi.

Give us a call to get some fall cleanup help! 614.873.7333

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