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2021 Reflections & Appreciation


With 2021 coming to a close, we look back and reflect on another good year at M.J. Design. We are first and foremost thankful to have a wonderful staff of men and women, who we enjoy coming to work with each and everyday. We obviously couldn't do it without them.

For our domestic workers we thank their families for putting up with and allowing the long days and hard work put in by their spouses. For the families back in Mexico, we know you sacrifice a lot to have your husbands, sons and brothers away for so much of the year.

And thank you also to our many clients who we value the friendships as much as the business.

As always, we seem to have at least one curve ball thrown at us during the year. It first started with us not hitting the lottery and having our H2B staff delayed by 6 months. Then, in August, it was the infamous 'Army Worms,' which we have never experienced before. Let's pray that was a one-year wonder!

We hope 2022 provides many of the same good fortunes that we're so appreciative to have experienced in 2021. It is hard to believe we are almost two years into the pandemic. May we continue to see progress in the fight against the COVID variations, and may we continue to learn the positive ways to navigate through unchartered territories.

We continue to feel so fortunate to work in a professional industry that allows us to be outdoors. We continue to enjoy making a difference in our world through beautification and making a positive difference in our environment.

May you all be able to enjoy the holiday season with your friends and families, and we hope you have a very happy New Year!

~ Molly & Joel



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