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The Latest Company Events

Easter Egg Hunt

Our Annual Easter Egg Hunt was held in our M.J. gardens this year on the Monday after Easter. Our employees had a blast looking for eggs and winning all kinds of fun treats and prizes. Antonio was the bigger winner, finding the Gold Bunny—which earned him $50.

National Piñata Day

We try to acknowledge some of the Hispanic culture for our Hispanic workers. In Mexico, piñatas are a common event at children’s birthday parties. National Piñata Day is April 18! We celebrated with our staff at 7 a.m.—on the day we switched to our summer hours of the 7 a.m. start time. Our guys have the strength to break with one swing, so we had to reinforce them with extra duct tape. All the candy and prizes (food gift cards, phone cord holders, and cash) where a big HIT. Ha.


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