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Get Your Lawn Ready for Next Season


Now is the best time to analyze your lawn. With warm days and cool nights, late August to early October is the perfect time to seed.

Take a walk around your yard, looking for spots that are bare from disease, animal damage, or grass that is old and thinning. If you find areas that are not the full green lush color that you desire, now is the time to start planning to seed!

We recommend applying a herbicide to help stop the spread of any disease, and also remove any dead grass. Wait two weeks, then do a good aeration of the lawn, which will allow water, air and nutrients to reach the roots of the grass.

Then, overseed with your seed of choice. Give us a call at 614-873-7333 if you'd like some turf type recommendations or need assistance. And don’t forget to fertilize to help the lawn get strong and healthy before it totally shuts down for the winter!



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