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Kicking Off 2024!

Updated: Jan 10

Hello all,

As 2024 kicks off, we thought we would share some updates with you—including what to expect from our climate this year, an award M.J. received in 2023, and an update on our team. Now is also a great time to start thinking about your 2024 landscaping and project goals! Reach out, and we’ll find a good time to start talking designs and improvements.

On the climate topic, did you notice a distinct change last year in how late into the fall we were having warm weather? At our state industry education classes in 2023, the state meteorologist spoke about weather trends. On average, our growing season has increased a full month since 2003! That adds almost 4 more lawn mowings a year, more insects (because they now have more life cycles), and more time for disease to spread. Plants in our area are even growing more, thus requiring more pruning to be done throughout the year. This extra warmth has greatly changed the plant palate. For example, crape myrtles and banana trees; we have seen some that will survive over winter—outside! They won’t be growing during the winter, but may survive. Most horticulturists would have laughed at that thought 20-30 years ago.  


While we cannot change the weather, we can make an impact in our daily lives. We spend quite a bit of time at M.J. Design trying to be environmentally responsible—from recycling to good soil practices to smart irrigation controllers to limited chemical use. We also won the Green Spot Award through the City of Columbus this past year for our efforts as an environmentally-conscious company.

Have you considered making a New Year’s resolution a “green goal” that will in some way help the environment? It can be simple… as in recycle more of (or all of) your paper, or, start composting at your home. It’s great to reuse in your own garden.

As we settle into a new year, consider partnering with M.J. Design to turn your outdoor spaces into a new beautiful environment for you and your loved ones to enjoy, while also being an environmentally friendly green space. Whether you are interested in patios and stonework, water features, classic garden beds, or just need help with mowing, we always do our best to use our natural resources efficiently and be as environmentally responsible as possible.

Now is the best time to start planning your 2024 projects and get on our books to create the outdoor space of your dreams. Get in touch >

Also, we have to acknowledge, that we couldn’t do all this important environmental work without our dedicated staff. They come to work every day with smiles on their faces and truly enjoy working on our clients’ properties. They take pride in the services they perform.

One employee recently told us, “I feel an obligation to perform at a high standard when I wear my M.J. Design uniform.” 

This brought tears to our eyes. We are proud to say that our core staff of 22 have been with us for 10.7 years on average. All our foreign workers are here legally through the H-2B Seasonal Visa program, or even have their green cards. Molly made a couple trips to Washington D.C. (even got Joel to go along one time), continuing to lobby for the H-2B Visa program. We continue to seek reforms to the program.

And, Thank you for your contributions made to the success of M.J. Design, and know that we appreciate the friendships we have developed along the way.

Looking forward to a great 2024!

Molly & Joel


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