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Recent Team M.J. Fun!

Updated: Mar 3, 2023


March is here—the start of our busy season! Spring will officially be here on March 20th and our crews have been working outside long before the official start of the season. To keep our crews motivated during this time of year, we like to plan a few fun activities.

The first is our Employee Appreciation Day celebration to kickoff the season…Just something to show our employees how special they are to us.

The second is PI Day—March 14 (3.14). Last year, all employees received their own little pies. We don’t do any math that day, just eat “pi.” 😊

Then our bigger event for the month is the Annual St. Patrick’s shamrock hunt. This is a “competitive” hunt for the special shamrocks. We hide paper shamrocks throughout our shop, and the guys try to find as many as they can. You can win special prizes and one special shamrock is the winner of the Pot of GOLD! An energizing, fun way to start off a work day!

The crews always look forward to something special each month, and they never know if the events will be the same as previous years, or something a little different. I guess they’ll just have to wait and see!

Happy almost spring!



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