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Summer Tips & Reminders

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

As we experience what feels like the good ol' "Dog Days of Summer," we like to make sure to remind our customer base of a few important topics as we work through August, including:

Watch out for those Beetles!

Japanese beetles are an invasive species of insects that feed on grass, leaves, flowers, and even fruits. You may see damage from these pests at different stages of their life cycle. The larva (grubs) will chew on grassroots, which causes the grass not to take up enough water or nutrients to stay healthy—so as a result, you may see dead patches of grass in your lawn.

Adult Japanese beetles will go to the sunniest part of the plant and begin to feast. You will see the result of their feeding in the skeletonized leaves.

These pesty insects especially like to feed on flowers such as cannas, sunpatients flowers, and purple loosestrife. They are also attracted to purple foliage plants like sand cheery, Japanese Maples, and smoke bush. We've also seen them on Liden and Purple Beech, where the start at the tops of the trees and work their way down. The good news is that the damage they cause to the plant is only cosmetic—they will not kill the plant. We recommend for homeowners to use Sevin to kill off these and other pests that you see on plants.


Watering Tip for Newer Plants

With young or newly installed plants that are not fully established yet, we recommended watering TWO times a week, and doing it slowly over a one hour period. If it is dry with temperatures over 90 (we are there!), you will need a third watering. If Mother Nature graces you with a free watering of a ½-inch or more, you can skip ONE of the week's waterings.

Irrigation systems can be OK, but they are not always consistent at giving all plants the same amount of water. Be sure to check the soil for proper moisture. You don’t want a muddy ball, as too much water can be just as harmful as not enough. In addition; all plants don’t require the same amount of water either. Please don’t hesitate to check with us if you have concerns.


Plan for Your Fall Color!

Even though it is HOT outside, it IS time to start planning for fall color. Mums, kale, switch grasses, and peppers make great additions to fall containers or beds. If you are interested in having your pots or beds switched over to fall colors, please call the office to get on our list.



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