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Tornadoes and Spring Winds

This past month many central Ohioans experienced something that they had never seen or felt before. F1 and F2 Tornadoes. Nature can do a number to what we have constructed and things we plant, especially plants that don’t have deep root systems. We had a 2022 landscape client up in Galena send us a note: “I thought you’d like to know our roof, gazebo, grill, and swing set took a hit but the landscape stood strong! Many planted trees in the neighborhood were uprooted…not ours…and we are grateful! Thank you!”

When planting trees, it’s so important to make sure that they are planted correctly to establish a good deep root system. The best place to start is with the soil. Make sure that the soil is full of nutrients. Make sure that it is not compacted clay and it has good air and water flow. Then make sure the tree can grow and expand the roots by removing the wire cage and burlap. These will all help the tree establish its roots and stand tall. As we saw in Indian Lake, even the most well planted, establish tree can not take on Mother Nature and her 110-165 mph winds. 

Spring is a good reminder to look up at your trees when there are NO leaves to distract from the branch structure. If there are dead branches that are hanging or touching your home, it’s always good to have a professional come out and assess. This can help prevent bigger problems in the future with wind events.


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