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What Do We Do in Winter?

Everyone always asks what we do all winter. We are actually very busy preparing for organized maintenance contracts and a successful growing season!

If we can help design a new landscape bed or your dream backyard, just let us know.

Winter is a great time to plan this summer’s project.

A lot of time during winter months is spent at schools—giving back and networking. Hiring and recruiting staff is always an important task. Molly, Kelly, and Sue are also changing over to a new operating system (Molly will be ready for flowers!)

Joel coordinates maintenance contracts and ensures we are ready for another year with equipment, materials, and clients plans for their landscapes. Our crews clean and service all our equipment, compost all our debris from last year, paint and refurbish our trailers, and with mild weather, winter prune (and sometimes like this year, keep on landscaping).

Most importantly, we continue our education and earning credits for our certifications. We spent last week at the Columbus Convention Center at our state industry convention (4 days of lectures from vendors, industry leaders, and horticulturists). Molly and Joel also tour other landscaper’s operations to help improve our own. They were in Toronto over the summer and will be in Kalamazoo, Michigan, next month. So never a dull moment! (Also, lots of Dublin Coffman basketball—their daughter Alison is on the Varsity team :).

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