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Preparing Your Ornamental Grasses for Spring

If you have ornamental grasses in your landscaping, now is the time to start to cut them back.

You want to cut back these grasses before the new spring growth begins. The grasses should be cut back as close to the ground as you can get or within a few inches. After cutting them down, use a stiff rake to try and remove as much of the old debris that falls into the base. Over time this material will break down and ultimately rot out the center of the grasses.

When cutting back many grasses (especially larger ones), it helps to tie the grass in a bundle before trimming. This makes clean up a snap! This is one of the few reasons to ever use a pair of head shears... They do make cutting back easy.

Enjoy the outdoor time and know that the grasses will look much nicer and cleaner when the new growth comes back!

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