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M.J. Participates on Both Sides of Continuing Education

In late February, M.J. participated in two educational events. One as the educator and another to stay informed about legislation relevant to the landscaping industry.

On Feb. 22, Molly attended the “Green Industry Advocacy Day” at the Ohio Statehouse along with various members from Ohio’s Green Industry Associations—including: The Ohio Nursery & Landscape Association, Nursery Growers of Lake County, Ohio Irrigation Association, Ohio Lawn Care Association, Ohio Landscape Association and Ohio Pest Management Association.

This gathering at the Statehouse heard briefs from various legislatures about pending issues affecting our industry. A BWC panel spoke about Medical Marijuana and what it means for our business, and the Deputy Director of Ohio EPA, Karl Gebhardt, discussed statewide water quality and quantity issues. Throughout the afternoon we had the opportunity to meet individually with state Senators and House members to directly discuss the upcoming budget bill as well. Additionally, we were able to tour the Senate and House chambers and sit in on various committee meetings.

On Feb. 24, Molly participated in Dublin’s Karrer Middle School’s Career Day—joining 27 professionals from all different industries. Each participant presented to over 200 8th graders about their professions. Students learned first-hand what types of education requirements are needed in different fields, what jobs are available, and the many different ways a career can progress in a particular field. Molly enjoyed showing the students what Landscape Architects do and how they can reach into the public sector and work on large-scale master planning of developments along with Parks and Recreation. She also discussed how the landscaping role can take the direction she and Joel took M.J. Design, which is the Private Residential and Small Commercial Design Build sector.

M.J. Design seeks to take advantage of opportunities that work to inspire kids to take a serious look at the landscaping profession and how they could impact the outdoor environment.

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