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Temptations as Spring Temperatures Arrive!

With the temperatures warming up, here are a few helpful landscaping pointers (and temptations) for you to consider:

1. Resist the temptation to plant your summer annuals too early:

Remember we still have a threat of possible freezing temperatures up until May 15th and in the past two years we have seen some freezing until the 20th. Geraniums and Petunias are a bit more cold tolerant, but be sure to wait to plant anything more tender.

2. Prepare irrigation systems, but DO NOT turn on: Yes, it is ok to get your system started up so it is ready to go when the dry season arrives, but do not turn them on yet. We have had plenty of rain fall each week. Even if you have new plants or grass seed, there is no need for irrigation to be running. Remember, the more we water the weaker the root systems. Drying out between rains is ok, as it forces roots to grow deeper and stronger.

3. The negative of spring: Dandelions! They are always the first to shine in that nice green grass! Unfortunately, treatment for dandelions is not effective until the temperatures warm up, which is exactly the same time they start to bloom. But, the good news is that some evening temperatures are now above 50 degrees and the plant is actively growing. So when our herbicide application is applied, we will get enhanced uptake of the chemical, thus better success at management.

Happy Spring! Enjoy the beauty.

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