Caring for Boxwood & Psylid

If you have Boxwoods, you may notice what looks like tiny bits of snow on the plants. When you look up close you will notice that they are little nymphs. This is actually Psylid.

In the short term, the Psylid will not harm the plants. It is more cosmetic, but you should still address them. You can once again use insecticidal soap (Sevin). This must be applied when new growth begins and requires thorough spray coverage because it works by direct contact with the insects. There is no residual effect.

Check several days after treatment to see if live nymphs are still present and treat again if necessary. The best and easiest treatment is to have a soil systemic applied by a certified arborist in fall or early spring. Call us to get on our schedule if you’d like!

Call us to get on our schedule if you’d like!


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