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Planning Ahead Has Benefits

Do you have special events coming up in 2018?

Have you been looking to accomplish new landscaping ideas?

It can be hard to plan ahead for graduations, weddings or even family reunions. (Yes, we know—our oldest graduates this spring!) Though if you have special events coming up in 2018, please let us know and we will make sure to get your maintenance needs scheduled close to the event date so your property is looking its best!

Or, are you looking to accomplish some new landscaping ideas for your 2018 plans? Winter is the best time to start that planning process. The average project can take 5-7 weeks to finalize a design and plan. Using the winter months to strategize, plan, review and make changes allows for a timeline where we can get started as soon as the weather breaks! It is also helpful and most efficient to work this way so that we know what plants to prepare and can get your project scheduled appropriately for your desired completion timing.

Give us a call if you'd like to discuss some proactive planning for 2018! 614.873.7333

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