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What's Happening at MJ During Winter

Joel has had the opportunity to work with several of our Hispanic staff on proper planting techniques this winter. Some of these simple things are so important to a plant's success and health, so we work to make sure all our staff members know the importance of the details!

  1. When plants are grown in pots, their roots tend to grow in a circular fashion because they are crowded. After you remove the plant from the container, loosen and tease the roots out with your fingers before planting to promote root expansion into the surrounding soil. This is essential for long-term survival.

  2. It is also important to plant at the correct height. If a plant is planted too far into the soil, it will suffocate and die slowly. If the plant is planted to shallow, the roots that are supposed to grow horizontally have nowhere to go. They end up growing into the mulch which does not hold moisture or nutrients.

Think Spring! We're Ready!

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