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Why Do We Prune by Hand?

Here at M.J., we LOVE all plants and will do anything to help a plant thrive and grow. So, why do others shear plants into neat square, round and pyramid shaped objects? Maybe it’s fast maybe it’s easy, but in most cases it’s WRONG.

M.J. Design prunes by hand

Shearing removes the growing points at the ends of the branches. These cuts stimulate growth only at the ends where the cuts are made. With each shearing, growth is in a smaller area producing growth that is dense and weak. Sunlight is blocked from the middle and bottom, thus resulting in dead areas.

Here are the proper pruning practices that are used at M.J. Design:

  1. We prune to remove dead, diseased and weak branches, especially from the center of the plant.

  2. We prune to help maintain the plant’s natural shape.

  3. We prune to help maintain the strongest branches.

  4. We prune to create light and air movement to the center of the plant.

  5. We prune to remove poor crotch angles, that create weak connections and will fail as plant ages.

Call us to apply the proper pruning practices to your landscape!


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