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Our Composting Over the Years

When M.J.’s business started—first, working out of a 10x15 storage unit, then to a multi-unit industrial building—it was next to impossible to stock pile material, let alone recycle much…

M.J. Design's team at work in early spring

When we moved to our current location in Plain City, our 2-acre property provided enough space to stock pile our mulch and usable products. Additionally, we can now compost and recycle our landscape debris. Our crews will bring back landscape debris; edgings, leaves, deadheading, perennials, annuals, etc., from our jobs—which at times can be more than 200 yards.

We then turn our large compost pile a couple times throughout the season, and within a year it has broken down enough that we can utilize for compost in our soil amending and bed work! It is the perfect way to recycle and make good use of the material that Mother Nature gives us.

Our own supply of compost is usually not enough to provide material for an entire season, but at least we can do our part to recycle what we do have. And in addition to compost, we also save many plants that might not be so desirable in a client’s yard. The “M.J. Gardens” provide a perfect location to reuse plants that we take out of someone’s property and the nurture back to health.

Can you believe that 80% of the plants in our gardens have been recycled?

Call us for ideas on how to incorporate green practices into your landscape!


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