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Mulch "Volcanos" Around Trees are Harmful

Did you know that mulch volcanos around trees can kill them? When we see this mulching technique while driving around, it not only makes us sad for the trees that will eventually suffocate and die, but it makes Joel very sad too!

Mulch should be pulled away from the trunk.

Piling mulch around the tree in a mound does not help hold moisture for the roots. It actually causes too much water around the trunk which will cause a variety of issues, from fungus to rot and decay. The bark of the tree—or any plant or shrub for that matter—does not want to have mulch or soil built up against it. A nice gradual flare away from the tree is much healthier for the tree (and honestly looks so much nicer!) Often times, very little or no mulch is needed. A string of the existing mulch with a light coating of new mulch will be just fine. You will never see a property maintained by MJ Design with mulch volcanos. We are happiest when the tress are happy!

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