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Working Around Our Crazy Weather

Dear Rain, Please go away for a bit!

Our daughter was just telling a friend of ours the other day that she loves Ohio because we can have all FOUR seasons in the same week. I think she might be right!

Wow, in addition to a strange month of March, what a crazy April we have had too! We are not sure if the 4” of snow we had on April 2 was just a bad April Fool’s Joke?! Then, add on 2” of rain and severe storms that roared through Ohio on April 3 and 4 with more accumulating snow afterwards. Breaking a weather record set back in the 1800s was not on our list of priorities.

With excess moisture in the ground this spring, we try to work as best we can as the weather allows. But, we don’t want to make more of a mess during a clean-up! So please know that we will be cautious when we are on your property—and even delay our visit if necessary. We are just hoping we will have fewer rain showers and things will continue to dry out. Surprisingly though, the grass is greening up and perennials are growing—they know it is time. So Spring is springing!

And as you can see from the photo above, we too were having drainage issues at our office. From all the rain in March and more in April, there was just nowhere for the water to go at this point. Fortunately for us, we had a drain covered with debris, so a little cleaning helped move the water away from the building, but the ground is still very saturated.

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