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Our Evolving Equipment

As with our growing number of clients and staff, M.J. has also continued to grow our fleet of equipment over the past 20 years.

In 1998 when M.J. first began its business, we operated out of Molly & John's house! We stored equipment in a rental unit, and we had 2 mowers, 2 trailers, and 2 trucks.

Today, the company has a fleet of:

  • 10 trucks

  • 8 trailers

  • 1 bobcat

  • 1 hydraulic rototiller

  • 11 walk-behind mowers

  • 4 riding mowers

  • 5 push mowers

  • Plus: several blowers, trimmers, hoses and other miscellaneous equipment that is used daily.

There are several buildings located on the M.J. property including our shop, office, and the newly-built cold storage building.

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