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Celebrating New Green Cards!

Today we celebrated Juan Carlos, Antonio, Rogelio, Juan, and Ernesto (left to right in photo below) as they received their official document to acknowledge that they are now United States of America Permanent Residents (aka: their Green Cards).

We started this process 3 years ago, as an employer filing to the U.S. Department of Labor to get their approval on our labor need. In July of 2016, we officially filed Employee-Sponsored visa petitions with USCIS.

After filing many forms, paying various fees, getting physicals, filing more forms, being fingerprinted, and ending with formal interviews, the men are finally getting approved. In the past, we have relied on the H2B (Seasonal Work) Visas, which were good for 10 months (one season).

Over the past few years, the demand for the limited number of H2B visas has increased and as many of you know, we have had to keep all fingers and toes crossed for months, hoping our application gets approved before the cap is hit.

Now having a Permanent Resident status, these M.J. employees are guaranteed to be able to come back each year. So, today we celebrated with green cupcakes (and lots of green mouths), granny smith apples, Sprite and Mt. Dew to soak up the GREEN theme in full force. We are excited to see the process working out and look forward to the approvals of the remaining 10 men over the next few months. .

Thanks for all you do, guys!

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