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What You Can Do with All Those Leaves!

It’s that time of year when the colorful leaves of yellow, red and orange are ours to enjoy. Of course we all know that those beautiful colors also require the substantial tasks of raking, blowing and collecting the fallen leaves, but here are a few ways to put those beautiful colors to good use!

  1. Spread leaves as a protective mulch to cover tender perennials or root crops/bulbs.

  2. Create a pile of leaves that will break down and create leaf mold. This is a good amendment to garden soil, improving its structure and ability to hold water.

  3. Gather the best-looking leaves and preserve them, using wax paper or contact paper. They can be used as decorations in the future.

  4. Brown leaves can be added to green materials in compost to improve the health of the compost. If you do this, make sure you are turning the pile on a regular basis to aerate.

  5. Store the dried, mulched leaves in a dry place, so they can be used in the spring as a weed barrier.

  6. Mulch up the leaves with your mower, as this will supplement fertilizer on your lawn with additional nutrients and reduce or eliminate raking the leaves!

  7. Bag dried leaves and pack them tightly together in cold areas in your home, like basement or garage, they will act as added insulation.

Molly John

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