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Late Leaves! But Don't Worry

We’ve talked about the weather, yes, but it was strange to see so many properties this year where the leaves would just not fall or fell so late. We lost many productive days in November due to rain, snow and freezing temperatures. It is challenging to pick up leaves when they are frozen to the ground! :)

Additionally, our time to complete fall clean-ups this year almost doubled because we have had to rake and haul away leaves due to very wet conditions. Most years, we’re able to mulch up to 75% or more of the leaves with our mowers, a good green practice that returns the nitrogen back to your plants and turf. Please know that there are really no issues horticulturally if leaves don’t get removed, but it can just look messy in the lawn areas. And over the course of the winter, too many leaves can smother the turfgrass. Leaves can actually be beneficial in the landscape beds for trees, shrubs, and perennials—as they provide an additional layer of mulch and insulation for the roots through the winter. About 50% of the leaves will break down throughout the winter.

All this goes to say, don’t worry! We’ll get any remaining leaves come March and April when we clean things up. Just let us know if you want or need additional help this Winter.

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