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Outdoor Projects on Your Mind? Use the Cold Weather to Plan!

Have you recently looked into your backyard and thought, ”Boy, we wish we spent more time outdoors?” “If only we had a more pleasant outdoor space or larger patio?”

If your house is over 20 years old, maybe the plants have outgrown their space. What was a sunny garden has become shadier as that beautiful Oak tree has grown. What a better way to kick of the coming of Spring than a plan to refresh your landscaping. Planning is the key to any project. You want to give yourself time to select the right landscape professional and work through the design process. No matter the scale, it takes time to design and install—this is not something that can simply be rushed at the last minute.

Taking the time to plan will provide you with a finished product that you will truly treasurer and enjoy for a long time. If you are looking to add a new backyard patio or sidewalk, there are so many pavement options available! You want to take the time to choose the best shape, texture and color—something you like, and what is best for your setting.

Or, if constructing a quality pavilion or outdoor kitchen area, you want to pick the right layout and materials. Using the winter months to perfect the design, provides you the time to plan and be ready when the weather becomes suitable for construction.

In addition, planning also helps to get you securely on a schedule. It is not surprising for projects to take six months or more to get off the ground. Depending on the complexity, there can be permitting requirements, HOA submittal, and approvals to name a few. Securing specific types of plant material can also take time. If there is the one special specimen plant that is needed to highlight your backyard space, there will be planning for optimal digging and shipping needed. So, start thinking about those projects now—while it is cold and gray! We at M.J. Design are here to help you with any of your planning needs. Our landscape designers can provide you with some new and improved ideas for your current landscaping and outdoor living spaces. Let us help you create that perfect outdoor setting, so you can enjoy more time outdoors.

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