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The Importance of Spring Pruning to Deciduous Shrubs

February and March are great times for pruning—as it is best to prune deciduous shrubs when the plant is still dormant. It is also easier to see the shape of the plant when the foliage is gone. Winter pruning promotes faster regrowth of plants in the spring.

Overall, shrubs want and need to be pruned. Pruning helps to improve the overall health of the plants. It helps to control the size of the plant and maintain its intended purpose in the landscape. You don’t want a plant to take over an area where it shouldn’t. Regular pruning also promotes more flower and fruit production.

We are always sure to have a sharp pair of pruners or loppers. We start by removing the dead and diseased branches. Branches should be cut at a node or at the point where one branch or twig attaches to another. We also tend to branches that are overgrown and smaller throughout the middle to increase light and air to the crown of the shrub or tree. Our goal is to keep branches that develop and maintain the structure of the plant.

Many deciduous plants want to be cut way back or rejuvenated. Examples would be red-twig dogwoods, burning bush, spirea, roses and lilacs to name a few of the most common ones. Cutting back 1/3 of the plant each year actually helps improve these plants’ health.

Get an early start on the season! Your plants will thank you come spring-time with new beautiful lush growth, flowers and fruit. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We would be happy to help you out or provide you guidance.

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