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Spring Maintenance Tips to Keep in Mind

We all seem to get busy and busier as the warmer weather starts to sneak in. Don’t neglect the early-season maintenance practices that are essential to a healthy, growing landscape! We’re here to help with the early tasks as the weather is still cool… Below are some best practices and processes we like to keep in mind while servicing your property. Let us know if we can help you this season!

Prepare Your Roses this Spring:

Yes, more to prune! We’re working on cutting back roses—as they would love for you to provide a little more health to them and they may even reward you with some bigger blooms. You may notice that we cut back the rose plants pretty far, but be assured it is hard to kill a rose bush because of too much pruning.

Your plant will love that you pruned at all rather than letting it grow rampant. We use our sharpest set of pruners and start in the center of the plant—being sure to cut all limbs at a 45 degree angle. Of course we cut out broken limbs, dead wood and diseased limbs too. All this helps the plant breathe easy and stay healthy throughout the growing season.

Resist the Urge to Start Mulching!

As the weather starts to warm and perennials begin to pop up, we are all anxious to spend more time outside. In doing so, it is easy to think “it’s time to mulch!” But don’t be too eager. In March and early April, the ground temperatures are still not very warm. So, if you mulch over cold ground, it actually insulates it and delays the ground from warming. It is best to wait until late April and into June to mulch. Bed cleanup is certainly great to get done in early spring—removing old winter debris, etc.—but we’ll wait to put down that new layer of mulch.

In the meantime, make sure your spring cleanup is scheduled!

Give us a call if not.

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