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Spring Lawn Touch Ups!

Now is the time to touch up seed in lawn and put down a pre-emergent to help those weeds stay dormant.

With record-setting amounts of rain over the last 13 months, there are many signs of bare spots in our lawns. Late April and early May are great times to touch up our greening yard with a little seed—as grass seed germinates best when you have cold nights and warm days.

The weather changes quite rapidly in central Ohio, so don’t wait too long to get these helpful lawn practices done. Timing is everything! Overall, spring is a good time to seed, as we generally have enough rain to keep the new seed moist—which is key to seed germination (in addition to warmer temperatures!)

Ideally, we like to have new seed planted by May 15th to take advantage of the spring rains. After the seed begins to germinate (in about 14 days), be sure to continue to keep it slightly moist. With proper care, your lawn should be filled in within about 8 weeks.

Give us a call if you have not scheduled this already!

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