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Seasonal Tips to Kickoff Fall!

As we approach the early days of autumn, there are a few special maintenance topics we want to make sure you keep on your (or our) agenda.


Keep Watering:

First, you may think that there's no need to water your turf and plants now that it is fall—wrong. With the way this season has been, we are continuing to water in order to aid in recovery of the stressed plants due to the summer heat and little rain.

The best time to water is early morning or early evening, this will give the plants a chance to dry a bit before it cools down at night. It is important to make sure the plant material has had time to recover to start the winter season strong.

Plants need a moist root system when the ground freezes—so they don’t dry out when it gets cold outside. Additionally, your lawn may need a little TLC too. It has been very dry and the soils are compacted.


It is also recommended that you aerate this fall to encourage air, water and nutrients to penetrate your grass. This will help the roots grow deeper while creating a healthier lawn for next year. However, we would not recommend aerating until we get some significant rain, so you can be sure to get plugs that are 2 – 3“ into the ground.

If you are interested in getting a turf expert out to help determine what is best for your lawn, please call the office. 614.873.7333


Dividing Perennials:

Also, now is the time to help your perennials for next growing season by dividing those that have outgrown their spaces or are crowding neighboring plants.

During these early falls days, there is less heat stress on your plants. Thus, it is a perfect time to divide perennials! Some perennials need to be divided from time to time to encourage blooms and in order to rejuvenate the plants.

Divide when the plant is looking good and healthy, as this will allow the plant time to put down roots before winter arrives. Keep in mind whether dividing in the spring or fall, that the plant needs to be wet before dividing, as not to create more stress.

Plants to consider dividing include: iris, hosta, or day lilies. Also, check the forecast—as it will make it much easier to divide when the plants are well watered. Plan on dividing a day or two after a good rain. When transplanting in the fall, be sure to complete by early October. The goal is to be sure the roots have a chance to establish in their new environment before the ground temperatures start to turn cold.

If you can’t plant in the ground right away, temporarily plant them in flowerpots. Since this fall has been dry and hot, you can also wait for spring to divide and transplant if you can't get enough moisture to the roots.

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