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Still Need a Resolution for 2020? How About Composting?

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

Did you know that 30% of the stuff thrown away each year is food scraps?

Most people in the U.S. think that food will break down properly in a landfill. Unfortunately, that is incorrect. When organic material like this decomposes in a landfill, it releases methane, a greenhouse gas that's over 20x more powerful than carbon dioxide. ​But composting these materials instead will allow them to break down properly—while also creating some serious good! Learn from these sources to get the details you’ll want to know about composting...

If you don’t want to do backyard compost, there is a service called the Compost Exchange. Find drop off locations and curb side pickup details here:

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Give us a call if any compost questions! We're definitely composting experts: 614.873.7333

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