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Container Gardening Done Right


If you don’t have the acreage or lots of time, but you want to grow produce or fill the space with scent and color, containers are a great option. They can be all different materials, shapes and sizes or can make a statement as a great focal point.

The other beauty of containers is that you can move them around and tailor to the conditions that the plants need.

When planting containers, here are important considerations:

Drainage: Make sure there are holes in the bottom for adequate drainage. Very few plants are happy sitting in damp soggy conditions.

Substrate: Then fill the bottom ¼ of the pot with stone or large pine nugget, to allow water to flow through. Fill the remaining part of your container will compost and potting soil, regular soil, and anything else you choose to optimize your plants’ health.

Fertilizer: Produce, especially annual crops, like to be fed. Either with a slow release granular fertilizer compost, or a liquid feed. Containers have limited space which creates competition between plants, which is why watering and feeding are key to the success of the plants. Larger containers don’t create as much competition.


Give our office a call for help implementing our gorgeous seasonal containers!




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