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Earth Day 2024

Just a friendly reminder that Earth Day 2024 is coming up in April 22. Earth Day 2024 theme: Planet vs. Plastic. is unwavering in their commitment to end plastics for the sake of human and planetary health, demanding 60% reduction in the production of all plastics by 2040. The theme calls to advocate for widespread awareness on the health risk of plastic, rapidly phasing out all single use plastic and demand an end to fast fashion. Join us as we help build a plastic-free planet for generations to come!

Here are some ideas that we have implemented at M.J. Design:

  • Using laundry detergent sheets, instead of liquid

  • No plastic trash liners in trash cans. If you bury items in a plastic bag the stuff inside will NEVER decompose. It will take over 1,000 years for the bag to break down and it will never completely decompose. Instead, just throw trash in the trash can, 90% will decompose. You might say that it makes a mess in the can, we wash trash cans out every week when the trash is taken out.

  • Take your cloth or recyclable grocery bag with you not only to the grocery store, but anyplace that you may need a bag.

Join us in our effort to make the world greener for the future generations. 


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