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Fall Leaves: To Rake or Not to Rake?


It’s that time of year, days are getting shorter, and the leaves are turning those beautiful colors—then falling. So long to those lush green tree canopies for now. Most people rake their leaves because that’s what they were taught. But wait, fire up the lawn mower a few more times!

Using the mower to mulch the leaves in your yard will accomplish a few things—and you’re likely doing the final cuts on the lawn anyhow. First, you are adding a natural, free, nutrient rich composted material to your soil which helps break up the cohesion. Second, you are adding a “thatch” material which helps prevent weed seed from germinating. This also lessens the use of weed chemicals and provides a thicker lawn.

Now, if the leaves get ahead of you, rake them, and bag them or use them in beds, you don’t want them to lie in piles on the grass and then get covered in snow, as this can create lawn issues in the spring. If you have a newly-seeded or a sodded lawn, mulching the leaves could be a huge benefit to you… Simply scatter the leaves and then run the mower over them.

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