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February Featured Project

Our recent project involved a captivating transformation of our client's home and surrounding area, reimagining their landscape into a dynamic and inviting haven. Originally built over a decade ago, the property had seen the addition of a new barn, sparking the desire for a comprehensive master plan refresh. Understanding our client's deep affection for birds, we embarked on an innovative journey that seamlessly integrated superior soil practices, a diverse array of perennials, flowering shrubs, and an exceptional patio, creating a welcoming habitat to be cherished as it matures over time.

The extensive front foundation bed underwent a complete overhaul, discarding tired and overgrown plants. We crafted an inviting entryway that sets the tone for the entire property, enriching the soil before carefully selecting and planting a cohesive palette. The expansive island bed, serving as a captivating focal point, was meticulously prepared with a blend of topsoil and compost, ensuring the rapid and robust establishment of plantings that now flourish in their surroundings.

The back patio underwent a thorough redesign to enhance traffic flow and create distinct outdoor areas. Fresh garden beds were strategically placed to enhance scenic views and hide utilities, ensuring a seamless and open ambiance. Detaching the patio from the house’s foundation not only expanded the space but also achieved a more fluid indoor-outdoor transition.

We skillfully integrated the original chimney into the new layout, expanding the patio footprint while creating a clever color detail that enhanced the outdoor fire lounge experience. We replaced the shade canopy, harmonizing with surrounding plantings to unify the landscape's overall aesthetic.

The driveway island bed, with its distinctive contours, became a focal point accentuated by three gingko trees, providing an architectural anchor. Shrubs offered a complementary backdrop to vibrant perennials, creating a harmonious blend of hues and textures.

Through our maintenance-focused design, innovative soil-building techniques, and diverse plant palette, we've established a masterful landscape that not only resonates with our clients today but promises enduring enjoyment as it gracefully matures over time.


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