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Our Recent Landscape Awards

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Each year Landscape Ohio!—a publication from the Ohio Landscape Association (OLA)— recognizes designers, installers and property owners to increase awareness of quality landscaping and how it improves our environment.

Landscape Ohio! is the only green industry award program in the state to successfully promote award winners and the industry to the public, through a unique partnership with Ohio magazine and Cleveland Magazine. All award-winning projects are featured in the magazines and at OLA is committed to helping solve the green industry’s growing labor crisis, and they are diligently working to educate the public on the opportunities the industry has to offer.

At the recent OLA Awards Gala event, M.J. Design was awarded both an Honor and Merit Award.

The Honor Award was in Residential Installation Cat III for the Bohls Residence—project designer Joel John.

This client happens to have a lot of quality landscaping knowledge and has an affinity for all types of plants, although many of the homes in the area feature very basic landscaping. Our client wanted to soften the look as you approach their home.

(Before and after of the front landscaping)

The family also wanted to create an intimate space for entertaining that wasn't stagnant, so they requested that we incorporate specimens that provided a variety of shapes, colors and textures that would allow for seasonal interest.

The exisiting swale located at the back portion of the property posed a bit of a challenge. Due to the consistent moisture in the soil, we had to be very particular with our plant selection during the design process to ensure their survival in these conditions.

(Before and during our backyard construction)

Our client wanted to create screening, but did not want the backyard completely closed off. We strategically planted trees and shrubs opposite the neighbors to fill in open spaces.

Thank you to the Bohls family for allowing us to create on your property!


The Merit Award was for the Residential Maintenance of a Private Upper Arlington residence—project foreman Lorenso Beltran.

M. J. Design has been caring for the landscape maintenance of this property for over 16 years. When the home was built, we implemented the design and installation on the property and M.J. has been the only landscape maintenance company to care for the grounds during since. The home is set in a semi-private neighborhood that has naturalized surroundings that has continued to evolve over the past 16 years. Maintaining a large property surrounded by naturalized surroundings comes with many challenges. One problem associated with this are deer causing damage to the landscape. We have created a deer mitigation program to help protect the plants in the landscape including wrapping, caging, netting and applying chemical deterrents like Scram.

We want the entry of the home to be inviting, so we add seasonal color to soften the brick facade. The flowers are deadheaded weekly and fertilized bi-weekly.

We appreciate the long-time trust of this client with the sustained beauty of their lovely property!


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