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Ice Cream Truck Treats Cool Off Workers in Sweltering Heat

In the midst of a scorching heatwave that has gripped Ohio the past week, M.J. Design found a sweet way to show appreciation for its hardworking staff. On June 19th, employees & their families were treated to a delightful surprise in the form of an ice cream truck courtesy of Lil' E's Ice Cream. The event, organized to lift spirits and provide relief from the oppressive temperatures, brought smiles and a much-needed break to everyone involved. Employees enjoyed a variety of frozen treats that offered both refreshment and a moment of relaxation.

We wanted to do something special to thank our staff for their dedication during these hot days. Seeing everyone enjoying themselves made it all worthwhile. As the heatwave continues, M.J. Design remains committed to supporting its employees by offering shorter workdays and providing water and Gatorade to employees daily.

The ice cream event served as a testament to M.J. Design’s dedication to employee well-being and morale, even in the face of adverse weather conditions.


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