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Irrigation Start-Up Considerations

Your Lawn:

When you were a kid and wanted to do something your parents didn't like, you may have heard the question, "If everyone else jumped off a bridge, would you?" The idea is that it's not good to do something crazy, even if everyone else does it. That same logic holds true for running your irrigation—especially this spring. We had record amounts of rain fall over the last 3 months, so our lawns are well saturated. So even though the irrigation system has been started and checked for repairs, consider the environment and recent weather before deciding to run the entire system. Even though some heat has set in during a couple of weeks, and the top inch of soil may seem dry, the roots are down deeper and are still plenty moist. Lawns need one inch of rain at most per week. Our Ohio spring showers this year have certainly brought enough water. Also, we actually want the grass to dry out a bit, which forces the roots deeper and ultimately establishes a more-healthy lawn. So, please refrain from turning your irrigation system on just yet, and save some money on your water bill, too! 😊

Your Plants:

If you have newly-planted material, you will want to make sure that when we get these spurts of hot temperatures, you are checking to ensure they have the water they need. The best and easiest way to check if a plant has too much water is to stick your hand in the dirt and feel if it's wet. Rain gauges are great to track how much rain you have received, but remember, trees and some larger plants create little umbrellas for other plants, so checking the dirt where the roots are is the best thing. As we move throughout the summer, if you have annuals or new plant material, make sure you have someone scheduled to check on those precious plants. They need drinks every 2 to 3 days. It's incredible what some water can do for a plant, just like humans…We always hear that we should drink, drink, drink the water to benefit our bodies—and we need to do the same for our plants. Happy watering!!


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