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Joel’s Dirt: Spring came early and so did summer!

Updated: May 23

It is too hot again this week. We are a month ahead of the average growing cycle (based on temperatures over the last 20 years). We just had record rainfall in April, and we've been buried in storms and tornados like never before. Fungus and disease (red thread) is already showing up in most lawns. Typically, we do not find that until late June! So we are applying fungicides to our mower tires, so we are not transferring the disease around.


Plants are at their typical June growing status, and we are glad to see plants rebounding after two dry autumns in a row. But, the flush of growth is extreme in some plants, especially Boxwood. We are seeing lots of insects due to the mild winter we had, in conjunction with the accelerated growth cycle during this warm spring.


These conditions have created the perfect storm, smashing all our April, May, and June work into May. We are trying to stay afloat with mowing, weeding, mulching, and flowers. We have many projects done, but also many to go.

So if we have not visited your property, you are not forgotten! Our #1 concern is trying to stay ahead of weeds, insects, and disease. Some of those problems can cause major damage that is hard to come back from.

Don’t forget to water any new plants if it stays this hot! Established lawns and plants still do not need irrigation. Most places we have been digging are still wet, so remember: the best way to check if your lawn needs watering is always digging a hole 4-6’’ down into the soil. If soil is still moist, no need for irrigation!


If you have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Have a great Memorial Weekend,

Joel & Molly John


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