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Keeping it Green

Updated: Feb 3, 2023


At M.J. Design, we continue be a “green” industry leader by recycling our paper and plastic, using recycled material, composting all that can help build better nutrients in the soil, and using equipment that produces less carbon emissions. And this year, we are pushing further green practices into the field with some new battery-operated equipment!

Did you know that:

  • The typical four-stroke lawnmower operating for one hour equates to a vehicle traveling 500 miles?

  • And gas-powered leaf blowers, lawn mowers and similar equipment will produce more ozone pollution than millions cars combined?

  • EPA data found that gas-powered lawn mowers make up five percent of the total air pollution in the United States.

So, this year we are trying a new battery-operated equipment set to see if it performs to the M.J. standards! At this point, our only concern is the longevity of the battery life with the new equipment. On average, one of our mowing crews will mow, 8 - 10 hours in a given day!

As we move forward, we hope that we will be able to transition to all battery-operated equipment in order to continue reducing our carbon footprint.

We will be sharing different practices we should all be trying in order to help sustain our Earth—for our grandchildren and future generations to come. Please join us in our efforts to “Keep it Green!”


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