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M.J. Donates Time to Improve Industrial Parkway Roundabout

If you’ve driven down Industrial Parkway recently, you’ve certainly seen all the new construction in progress.

Everything has grown and changed so fast over the past 17 years our business has been situated in Union County. Last summer, Union County Engineers replaced the grass medians with stamped concrete. We were actually frustrated with the lack of care to those installations since built, and have offered to donate our time and materials to improve the space we all observe every day.

M.J. is currently working with the Union County Engineer’s office to make improvements to the Roundabout at Costco. We recently performed our soil work in this area—which involved removing all the old grass/weeds and the infertile, clay soil. We tilled in fresh compost and new topsoil, creating the perfect environment for plants to flourish.

You will see the transformations in growth throughout the year. Keep your eyes open as you drive by!


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