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M.J. Hosts Townhall Meeting with Jim Jordan

The Union County chamber recently reached out to M.J. Design to see if we would be interested in hosting a Town Hall meeting with Congressmen Jordan. We accepted!

It was great and productive meeting, except for the heat that day! We ended up moving the event from outside in the garden to inside the shop.

Several companies from the Industrial Parkway Association (IPA) attended, and all were given the opportunity to ask Congressman Jordan their questions. Most questions revolved around jobs and low unemployment, the state of the country, and recent legislation. This was a great opportunity for small businesses in the area to express any ongoing concerns with Congressman Jordan.

Uniquely, several of our H2B workers from Mexico had an opportunity to express their willingness to work legally in the United States full-time, and the difficulties of getting H2B work visas. Those conversations turned quickly to jobs available, and the lack of people willing to work.

Molly goes to Washington several times a year to speak with U.S. Representatives trying to express the need for H2B workers specifically in our landscape industry. The H2B program is a Non-Agricultural Seasonal Work Visa, which allows individuals to come work in the U.S. for 10 months. H2B visas are commonly used in the landscape, hospitality, construction, forestry and amusement park industries. We had the opportunity to express our concerns about the program and the need for significant changes to the number of visas available.

We were grateful for the time our Congressman spent with all of us—as he had a busy day full of visits throughout his District.


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