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Proactive Mower Maintenance


by M.J. Design


You’re probably a little late for prepping your snow blower… But, late winter is the best time to get lawn mowers healthy for work this spring. Since we don’t do snow removal, we definitely take the time to properly maintenance our 100+ pieces of equipment.

Here at M.J. Design, when we are finished using mowers for the season, we use the winter months to empty the gas and perform our annual maintenance. This involves checking the machines for any issues, and changing the oil, spark plugs and air filters. Additionally, we remove the blades and thoroughly clean the undercarriage. Doing a deep cleaning on our equipment not only keeps it looking nice, but also helps the equipment last much longer. We also paint the underside and outside deck of each mower and all are stored indoors for the winter.

If you’re mechanically inclined and prefer to maintenance your own mower, now is a great time! We believe in being proactive—instead of waiting until March when our industry’s companies all start getting very busy and parts become harder to find.



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